Staff Profiles

Damion Knox

Damion Knox is a thirteen year old student who attends Joel P. Jensen. Before Knox came to Joel P. Jensen he went to Navigator Point Academy. After school Knox goes home and helps his little brother with his homework. Knox enjoys seventh grade and thinks that it is to easy. Knox also likes to catch up on sleep after he gets home from school.

By Isaac McDougal


Courtney Withers

Courtney Withers is 12 years old, born in June in Sandy, Utah. She went to Westvale Elementary. Withers goes to Joel P. Jensen Middle School and has some dislikes and likes about its. She dislikes having 8 teachers. She likes seeing her  friends. Withers enjoys drawing anime and art in general for fun.

By Alejandra Alvarez


McKall Peters

Digital Design Editor, McKall Peters was born in West Jordan in 2003. She has 1 sibling, her brother. “My brother was already here at Joel P. Jensen so I just came here,” said Peters. After school, Peters goes to dance and voice lessons. She has a lot of fun in her free time doing musical theater.

By Bryce Hackworth



Isaac Mcdougal

Sports Editor, Isaac Mcdougal is a fun, nice person who earned Panther of the Quarter for 2nd Quarter. He ran for SBO president in the beginning of the year, and while he didn’t win, is still confident about himself. He likes to do whatever he can do for fun. Video games, board games, he does it all! He’s currently part of the JPJ Journalism staff. He seems to like where he is now and is a great addition to the Journalism team.

By Tayson Jorgensen


Ruth Bautista

Ruth Bautista went to Westland Elementary and Riverton Elementary before coming to Joel P. Jensen Middle School.  Bautista’s favorite teacher and class of this year was Heather Woffinden’s class, she liked this class because, “You can listen to music in class,” Bautista said, she has “three siblings and no pets.”  The coolest or funniest place that she has ever been to was Lagoon, because of all of the rides, but Bautista has never been on the Samari.  She has moved three or four times.

By Isabelle Barlow

Josh Spangenbeger

Josh Spangenbeger, a seventh grade student here at, Joel P. Jensen middle school, has a unique outlook on this life that he lives, and along with that outlook, Spangenberger, has two siblings and his birthday is in July 2003. Spangenbeger says that the thoughts that occupy his thoughts most often are, video games. He says, that they give a vibe of joy and rage. In the next ten years, Spangenbeger sees himself in college, “Um…I don’t really know,” he says. Spangenbeger, has the dream occupation of being in the Marine Corps, he says, “It is really all I want.”

By Kylah Bell

Ataiya Reives

OP-Ed Editory, Ataiya Reives,, age 12, was born in Salt Lake in February 2003. Reives says porcupines are favorite animal because, “They are so cute.” Reives also says she likes to go on walks with her dog. “I have 3 siblings; 2 brothers and 1 sister,” says Reives. When Reives is older, she wants to live in Logan, Utah.

By Ashlynn Cooper


Ashlyn Cooper

Ashlynn Cooper was born in January 2015. She has 7 siblings. She is 13 years old and went to Westvale Elementary. Cooper wants to be a Real Estate Agent when she gets older.

By Joshua Spangenberger



Kylah Bell

Feature Editory, Kylah May Bell, is 13 years old and was born in October  2002. Bell’s favorite season is Autumn. “I love the feel of the clean air and the simplicity of it all.”Bell’s favorite colors are black and burgundy. After school Bell likes to fulfill her responsibilities. Bell has two siblings and a snake. She says she finds them fascinating. For music she likes to listen to anything from classical to metal.  A couple of her talents are procrastinating and playing the violin.

By Sipola Tu’akoi

Trista Ishoy

Editor in Chief, Trista Ishoy, is a student at Joel P. Jensen middle school. She says she has, “ok grades,” but she is still passing all her classes. Her favorite school subject is “lunch”. “My favorite thing about school is my friends,” she says. That is her favorite because she has many friends and  they are all “nice.”

By Dalyn Perez


Bryce Hackworth was born in June 2003. Hackworth goes to Joel p. Jensen middle school and came from Oquirrh Elementary. Hackworth joined the school stage crew. For fun Hackworth like to snowboard, weight lift, and he also play a basketball team. Hackworth admire himself most because he like to be independent.

By Jordan Pett

Angelo Lucero

Tyson Lucero claims that even if he is in the 7th grade he is 21 years old. Lucero also claims that he was born in 1989. Lucero says that he only goes to Joel P. Jensen middle school because it is the only school in range of his house. He prefers to go by Angelo. 

By Connor Mace



Chis Moore

“I am Chris Moore,” said the 12 year old boy and Print Editor. In April 2003, Moore was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Moore enjoys playing soccer, and video games. Moore sees himself attending the University of Utah to major in the science field, he would also enjoy to become a professional soccer player.

By Trista Ishoy


Isabelle Barlow

Entertainment Editor, Isabelle Ann Barlow, likes country music. Her favorite singer is taylor swift. She dislikes depressing music. One interesting fact about her is that she got her last name from her grandmother. Her birthday is in November. She has four siblings, 1 of them is a brother and the others are 3 sisters. She goes to Joel P. Jensen middle school.

By Courtney Withers


Josh Hacking

Josh Hacking was born in August 2003. He lives in a house with two siblings. One sister, and one brother. He currently attends Joel. p Jensen middle school. His favorite class at JPJMS is Language Arts because he loves reading. Hacking gets to school by riding a school bus. After school he likes to do homework so he won’t be behind in his school class.

By Ataiya Reives


Tayson Jorgensen

Business Director, Tayson Jorgensen, was born in Salt Lake City. Jorgeson lives in Salt Lake City. According to Jorgesen his birthday is “Febuary 2003.” Jorgeson proclamied that his idol is “nobody.” His favorite class is math. Jorgeson lives in Utah. Jorgesen had said that he lives here because it is cheap. Jorgeson’s opinion of Joel P. Jensen is “Good.”

By Chris Moore


Sipola Tu’akoi

Sipola’s birthday is in November 2002 and was born Jordan Valley Hospital. She goes to Joel P.Jensen Middle School and is in the Journalism class. Some questions have been answered on her personal life. Let’s see what these are questions are.  “What does you do after school?” “Babysit”. “What school did you go last year?” “Columbia Elementary” Hmmm, interesting. “Do you have any siblings and if so, what are their names?” “Tali, Fale, Dezmond, Sydney, and Kristene.” Wow! Talk about a lot of siblings and by judging by their names, there are maybe 3 girls (or 4) and 1 brother. If you ever spot Sipola in the halls or in the lunchroom, she is a good student. 

By Ruth Bautista

Connor Mace

Conner Mace is a 13 year old going to Joel P. Jenson Middle School. Mace is unsure of many things, but he does know he wants to go to Salt Lake Community College. Mace goes to Joel P. Jensen middle school because his brother went there and he wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Mace wants to continue living in West Jordan City.

By Damion Knox


Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis has come to Joel P. Jensen from Rolling Hills Elementary. Lewis was born in 2003 and has four siblings. Lewis has one pet, which is a dog named Zoie. Lewis loves the color blue, and his hobby is basketball. “I’m good at it (basketball),” he says. His favorite thing about Joel P. Jensen middle is “the classes.”

By Mckall Peters


Jordan Pett wears the shoe brand “Pro. Players”. He said that his favorite color is the color black. Pett’s favorite food is venison, which is the flesh of deer or similar animal used as food. He said that he was tired, which is because school starts early. I asked him who do you think will win the 2016 election, and he said, “Uuuum, Trump”. Pett was born on March, 21st, 2003. Pett said “I’ve got two sisters.”

By Joshua Hacking

Journalism Advisory, Anna McNamer (Journalism Advisor) likes to teach for a living. Her best friend is her husband. Anna McNamer’s birthday is in October. She says, “I really enjoy teaching at Joel P. Jensen Middle School.” Anna McNamer was born in Huntington Beach, California. She has lived in two other states besides Utah. First, it was California, then New Mexico, and last Utah. She loves sports and endurance riding, track, and swimming. Like she said, “I can’t leave out my special love for football.”

By Rick Lewis