And the winner is…

For the JPJ Journal Drawing Contest, students were asked to submit artwork about something they are truly passionate about. Many students submitted their artwork and with winners are listed below. Congratulations on your creative works! Continue reading “And the winner is…”


Students Earn Movie with Improved Reading Scores

By Connor Mace

The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a test that students take three times each school year that grades the reading comprehension of students. After the test some students get to watch a movie during school as a reward.

“The way people get into the movie is by raising their SRI grade by 50 points or by reading above the SRI  level already,” said Principal Bryan Leggat. Continue reading “Students Earn Movie with Improved Reading Scores”

Bored over the summer? Try these activities!

By Ataiya Reives

Have you ever been at home on summer break and you don’t have anything to do?  Do you just on the couch and eat chips? Well, here are some ideas of how to have fun during summer break and be active while doing it.

Staring at clouds can be relaxing. Photo credit by Isabelle Barlow


If you are a athletic person who loves to get exercise then these suggestions are for you. One fun athletic thing to do in summer is swim. Swimming is a way to cool off and work out in the summer. Another way to have fun is participate in a competitive sport. Some sports available in the summer are basketball, volleyball, baseball, and football. Or you could do the same thing but non competitive. One more fun athletic thing to do is a summer obstacle course, this way you can have fun and be athletic. One place that does a lot of summer programs is gene fullmer. They have basketball, softball, soccer. Ect. programs for the summer. They usually cost $60-65 to be able to do sports. Continue reading “Bored over the summer? Try these activities!”

Pets can help students do better in school

By Digital Design Editor, McKall Peters and Entertainment Editor, Isabelle Barlow

Many people around the globe have pets, but are pets really effective at helping kids in school? Some people might argue that they are just for fun, but many have said that they can be helpful as well as fun and loving. Animals can help people to recover and detect seizures, or help in physical therapy.

Continue reading “Pets can help students do better in school”

Exclusive Review: Overwatch is an addictive FPS

By Isaac McDougal, Sports Editor

Overwatch comes out on May 24th, 2016 as Blizzard’s gaming company that which has made Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstones, Warcraft along with Heroes of the Storm and now Overwatch.  Production for Overwatch was revealed at the 2014 BlizzCon in California. Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter. The game comprises of 21 characters and 3 game modes. Continue reading “Exclusive Review: Overwatch is an addictive FPS”

Exclusive Interview: Support Grows for Weinholtz Campaign

By Ky Bell, Feature Editor

Mike Weinholtz, owner of the CHG medical staffing business, decided to run for for governor of Utah in the late fall of 2015 and announced the campaign in January of 2016.

JPJ Journalist, Ky Bell, interviews candidate for governor, Mike Weinholtz. Photo Credit: Alejandro Puy

Weinholtz wants his main focuses as governor to be improving the budget for education, finding more effective ways for students to learn, and seeing students grades improve across the state. He wants to do this while giving attention to different electives like dance, music, journalism, and art that occur during school hours.

As the democratic candidate, Weinholtz also wants to help provide health care for Utahns and promote clean air quality in the state. Continue reading “Exclusive Interview: Support Grows for Weinholtz Campaign”