Taking Medication Correctly

By Feature Editor, Ky Bell

According to The Washington Post, sixty percent of Americans take prescribed medication. This can lead to plenty of people taking their medication incorrectly (which can lead to negative and sometimes harmful outcomes), and that is a serious problem.

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Minecraft Build Contest

By Tayson Jorgenson

It’s a new month, and the JPJ Journal is celebrating with a new contest! However, rather than a photo contest, we’re doing a Minecraft Building Contest! Here’s the basics: You will need to submit a Minecraft Build with a medieval theme. Continue reading “Minecraft Build Contest”

Students Vote for Favorite Books During March Madness

By Ruth Bautista

In the school, something is happening in the Media Center.

March Madness is where there is a competition for books and instead of basketball, the library is using books. Books are facing up against each other to be the champion or the honor of being the ¨Favorite Book at JPJ for 2016.¨

Last week, on the 4th of March the voters who can be teachers or students, voted for the current winners. Current winners right now are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Bomb, City of Bones, The Hunger Games, Tesla’s Attic, Matched, The Lightning Thief and Divergent. Continue reading “Students Vote for Favorite Books During March Madness”

Students Interested in Shorter Lunch Lines

By Ataiya Reeves

Students wait in line during lunch. Photo by Ataiya Reeves
Students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School think that lines at lunch are too long.

¨I think the lines at Joel P. are way too long. I stand in line for 10 minutes and only have 20 minutes to eat,¨ Connor Mace, a seventh grade student at JPJMS said.

Mace has a solution to make  lunch lines shorter and take less time to get their lunch.

¨ There needs to be more lines. If there are more lines then there will be less people in line so people can get their food faster,¨ Mace  said.

Ashlynn Cooper, another seventh grade student, has a solution too.

¨I think that if we add another lunch then the lines would be shorter. There is only a A and B lunch there should be a C lunch to,¨ she said

Cooper also says that the time it takes for students to wait in line doesn’t interfere with eating.

¨The lunch lines don’t hold me back. I have time to eat and do stuff with friends,¨ Cooper said. Continue reading “Students Interested in Shorter Lunch Lines”

Teachers Raise Awareness During CTE Month

By Rick Lewis and Jordan Pett

CTE month happened during February and the CTE teachers are excited about the classes they teach. CTE means “Career Technology Education.”

Keyboarding and CTE teacher, Patrice Shaffer said, “They’re my favorite classes.” Shaffer also teaches college and career awareness and computer programming.

CTE classes are meant for showing different types of jobs and education fields and students can go into.

“And they are valuable and fun lessons,” Shaffer said. CTE classes give students different perspectives at how to use those certain skills in the future. Continue reading “Teachers Raise Awareness During CTE Month”

Disney Detective Looks for Positives with Students

By Ky Bell

Detective Troy Leary, has worked as a school officer at Joel P. Jensen Middle School, for two years. He also worked at the middle school twelve years ago for two years.

Over the years he says, “The best memories I have with students aren’t in the building, but seeing them after they are no longer students, and some of them married with their own families and, it’s great knowing that I got to watch them change, and evolve into someone else.” Continue reading “Disney Detective Looks for Positives with Students”

How to Be Panther of the Quarter

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By Christopher Moore

With the Panther of the Quarter assembly over students want to know how they could be Panther of the Quarter.  Principal Bryan Leggat of Joel P. Jensen Middle School said, “You show you are a leader and you are showing progress.”

He also said that students become Panther of the Quarter two weeks before the end of the quarter. He said that students become Panther of the Quarter,  “To show leadership, many students think you need a 4.0 but you don’t.”

According to Principal Leggat, “Many types of students get Panther of the Quarter.”Students get Panther of the Quarter, he stated, “At the assembly.”

Here is a complete list of the 2016 Quarter 2 Panthers of the Quarter:

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