West Jordan: True Tennis Talent

By Sports Editor, Isaac McDougal

The West Jordan tennis team is made up of 20 students that come from four different schools. The West Jordan tennis team meets after school every day for hours of practice every day besides Friday which is optional, that starts an hour later than normal.

West Jordan Varsity Tennis players wait for a serve from opponents from Jordan High School. Image By Isaac McDougal

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JPJ Basketball Playoffs

By Alejandra Alvarez

February 20th was not a great weekend for for the Joel P. Jensen Boys Basketball team. They did not win the playoffs, but still had so much progression throughout the whole season.

They played against Oquirrh Hills Middle School at West Jordan High school. They lost with a final score of 47-28.

Coach Christian Wouden said that they could have had better defense. They also had good shots but just kept missing them.

Overall the whole team stayed together and was very supportive, “like a band of brothers,” said Wouden. Continue reading “JPJ Basketball Playoffs”

Olympic Preparations Slowed Due to New Trouble

By Tayson Jorgensen

August 5-21, in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, will be when and where the 2016 Olympics will be held. It will be the first Olympic Games held in the continent of South America. But, preparations could be put to a halt because of one thing.

Throughout Brazil, the Zika virus has spread through the bites of mosquitoes. This virus affects the children of those affected, mostly giving effects of premature birth. This worries athletes and spectators. What could happen during the games?

According to Foxnews.com, “The United States Olympic Committee told sports federations that athletes and staff concerned for their health should consider not going to the Games.” Continue reading “Olympic Preparations Slowed Due to New Trouble”

Boys’ Basketball Prepares for Playoffs

By Alejandra Alvarez and Trista Ishoy

February 6th was the last basketball game for Joel P. Jensen before the playoffs on the twentieth of February.

They lost the first game to Oquihrrh Hills Middle Schools with the score of 38-35. Then, they lost the second game with a final score of 65-25. They’re best game as a team was against West Jordan Middle School, with a score of 37-25. Coach Christian Wouden said this has been their best year for the team.

There are twelve total players on the team. Cody Cally and Oakley Kopp are the two team captains. Kopp and Cally both agree that being the team captains is not easy and they find the responsibility to make sure their team can play to be challenging. Wouden, Kopp, and Cally are up for the challenge for the next game.

Although the team lost their last two games this season was a great success with 4 out of 9 games won. And, they’re determined to work their hardest at the tournament.