Bored over the summer? Try these activities!

By Ataiya Reives

Have you ever been at home on summer break and you don’t have anything to do?  Do you just on the couch and eat chips? Well, here are some ideas of how to have fun during summer break and be active while doing it.

Staring at clouds can be relaxing. Photo credit by Isabelle Barlow


If you are a athletic person who loves to get exercise then these suggestions are for you. One fun athletic thing to do in summer is swim. Swimming is a way to cool off and work out in the summer. Another way to have fun is participate in a competitive sport. Some sports available in the summer are basketball, volleyball, baseball, and football. Or you could do the same thing but non competitive. One more fun athletic thing to do is a summer obstacle course, this way you can have fun and be athletic. One place that does a lot of summer programs is gene fullmer. They have basketball, softball, soccer. Ect. programs for the summer. They usually cost $60-65 to be able to do sports. Continue reading “Bored over the summer? Try these activities!”


This summer, Lagoon is the place to be!


By Rick Lewis

In Farmington Utah, there is amusement park named Lagoon. Lagoon is divided into five different areas. One is the Midway, which is for food and drinks another is Pioneer Village which has displays of pioneers. At the Water Park you go down slides, the Kiddie Zone is for little kids, and X-ventures which is more rides that cost more money.

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Should 8th grade have Journalism class?

By Ruth Bautista and Entertainment Editor Isabelle Barlow

7th graders that are going into 8th grade next year will have experience in working in a Journalism class and will be able to produce a better product. Experienced Journalism students can teach the new students how to write a quality story and what is needed to keep the website quality high. Journalism students think the answer is, yes. Continue reading “Should 8th grade have Journalism class?”

Gaming sites should be unblocked for Your Choice

By Chris Moore

 Every time I use a school computer almost every website is blocked. Every time I try to go to a game website that is also blocked. A lot of people think blocked websites are good. I can see why people think some of these websites should be blocked. But there should be limits that the school sets.

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Should Schools Still do the Sage Test?

By Op-Ed Editor, Ataiya Reives

Well, students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School, it is now time to start SAGE testing. SAGE tests show  how kids and teachers are doing in class. But, I think they shouldn’t  make such a big deal about it.  In my opinion when faculty put so much pressure on us it makes us do worse. Why can’t they just treat it like a regular test? These may be bad things about the SAGE test but over all I think the SAGE test is good. Continue reading “Should Schools Still do the Sage Test?”

Animal Testing

By Hailey Wishard 

   Have you ever thought about how animals are used for scientific or commercial testing?  Every day, hundreds of thousands of animals, including cats, monkeys, rabbits and dogs, are forced to suffer in laboratory cages and undergo painful experiments. Many animals are used for testing throughout the United States of America. At Cornell University, laboratory personnel failed to ensure that woodchuck housing was safe, resulting in a woodchuck pup catching his front limbs in the bars of the inner door of an isolation cage. Both limbs were broken and, as a result, he was euthanized. I believe that animals should not be tested for scientific or commercial testing. Continue reading “Animal Testing”