JPJ Students Make Their Own News

by Anna McNamer, Guest Writer

After months of honing their skills as 7th grade journalists, the Joel P. Jensen Journal was recognized by the West Jordan Journal for their commitment to developing a student produced newspaper and journalism program.

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News Editor, Alejandra Alvarez described the impact the class had on creating a quality product.

“For us in this class, it was no longer like a normal class,” Alvarez said. “We didn’t care about the grade; we just cared about the content. Without journalists, things wouldn’t be the same; people wouldn’t be informed. We realized that we had a big job, and we pulled it off together.”

Business Editor Tayson Jorgenson, McKall Peters, and Isabelle Barlow discussed the different ways project based learning helps them hone writing and research skills related to their specific interests.

Editorial Addition: Mrs. McNamer sends her congratulations to the incredible staff of the JPJ Journal and hopes they are having a fantastic 2016-17 school year. She misses her journalism students very much!



Students complete Math portion of the SAGE Test

By Rick Lewis and Jordan Pett

A photo of the Math Training Test. Photo Credit by Rick Lewis

At Joel P. Jensen middle school they have finished the math sage test. Math teacher are prepared their students to do well on the sage test. Math classes are using the computer lab the whole week to do the SAGE testing. There is 60 questions on the math sage test for all grades

. Continue reading “Students complete Math portion of the SAGE Test”

Fine Arts Evening Concert Review

By Dalyn Perez and Sipola Tu’akoi

Choir Students preforming in the Kiva. Photo Credit by Sipola Tu’akoi

 On May 19 at 6:00 P.M.  Joel P. Jensen held a concert for all the music classes, the classes are Beginning Orchestra, Band, and Choir and Advanced Orchestra, Band and, Choir. According to Mr. David Clay the music teacher at  Joel P. Jensen Middle School, says that all music classes will be performing in the Kiva at Joel P. Jensen Middle School. The theme for the Choirs that are Spring and Disney. Band and Orchestra’s theme is Spring.

Clay says this concert is being held because, performance opportunities are a part of the music curriculum and holding a concert is the best way to fulfill that curriculum so that the students can practice performing in front of an audience. Continue reading “Fine Arts Evening Concert Review”

Students Earn Movie with Improved Reading Scores

By Connor Mace

The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a test that students take three times each school year that grades the reading comprehension of students. After the test some students get to watch a movie during school as a reward.

“The way people get into the movie is by raising their SRI grade by 50 points or by reading above the SRI  level already,” said Principal Bryan Leggat. Continue reading “Students Earn Movie with Improved Reading Scores”

Exclusive Interview: Support Grows for Weinholtz Campaign

By Ky Bell, Feature Editor

Mike Weinholtz, owner of the CHG medical staffing business, decided to run for for governor of Utah in the late fall of 2015 and announced the campaign in January of 2016.

JPJ Journalist, Ky Bell, interviews candidate for governor, Mike Weinholtz. Photo Credit: Alejandro Puy

Weinholtz wants his main focuses as governor to be improving the budget for education, finding more effective ways for students to learn, and seeing students grades improve across the state. He wants to do this while giving attention to different electives like dance, music, journalism, and art that occur during school hours.

As the democratic candidate, Weinholtz also wants to help provide health care for Utahns and promote clean air quality in the state. Continue reading “Exclusive Interview: Support Grows for Weinholtz Campaign”