ISS helps students improve their grades

By Trista Ishoy

Students in ISS working on missing assignments. Photo Credit by Trista Ishoy

 Joel P. Jensen Middle School has a program called ISS. ISS stands for In School Suspension. ISS gives students an opportunity to catch up on missing assignments. But some students have mixed thoughts on whether or not this works. 

Vice Principal Aaron Hunter says that there are multiple reasons for students to receive some of the reasons are public displays of affection (PDA), bad grades, and tardies.

Sue-Z, a hall monitor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School says that when she ran ISS back in 2001 it was used as a punishment.

“Administrators would put the student in a room and leave them alone for 8 hours, that was their punishment,” said Sue-Z. Sue-Z decided that putting kids to work was the best idea. Before school started she would see who was on the ISS list and go collect all the students’ missing assignments. She would give them to the student with ISS and make them do their assignments. That’s when ISS started being used as an advantage.

9th grader True Barnard says that ISS is good and bad.

“It’s good because you get all your missing assignments done and turned in, but it’s bad because you can’t see all your friends,” said Barnard.

Hunter said that if students enjoy ISS, there is a different punishment depending on the circumstance.

ISS gives students an opportunity to get their grades up. The way that they use that opportunity is their choice.



Author: jpjjournal

The JPJ Journal is a Middle School newspaper run by the students and advisor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.