Final 2016 Fine Arts Assembly

By Courtney Withers and Ashlynn Cooper

     The JPJ dancers are going to dance in the 2016 Spring Fine Arts Show. The performance will be on May 26th. The morning show will start at 8:15 am at Joel P. Jensen and the night performance will start around 6:00 to 6:30 p.m.

The spring arts assembly props. By Courtney Withers and Ashlyn Cooper

     The rest of the school will take about 10-15 minutes to get seated and there will be an art slideshow to watch for 5 minutes with “80’s Gold” played by the band and the introduction of theme will begin, then the orchestra will be playing “Palladio” while the advanced dance will be dancing to the song. Then there will be a song playing called, “In the Mood” that the ballroom dancer will be dancing to. Then the dancers will be dancing to “Don’t Stop Believin’” sung by the choir. The orchestra will be playing “M to the third power,” and the band will be playing, “80’s Gold.”

     Paige White, dance teacher, is in charge of lighting, the music for her dancers, and costumes. All of her dance classes perform. The advanced classes perform, “Doll House” and “Palladio.” She and says ‘’ I love all my students, just give me the best and that’s enough”

    “We work well together,” White said after being asked how she works with Music teacher David Clay and Art teacher Jason Dunn.

    “I am the conductor and director of each music group,” says David Clay, “I keep the kids together.”

     Concert Choir is singing “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The Concert Choir is also singing “You Raise Me Up.” The Band will do a piece called, “80’s Gold” and another called, “Achilles’ Wrath.” The Orchestra will play “Palladio” and “M to the Third Power.” Then ¨Achilles’ Wrath¨ played by the band. Then, “You raise me up” sung by the choir and with the piano. The dancers will  dance to ¨Dollhouse¨. Then for the finally there will be a slideshow with music.

     Art teacher,  Dunn, says students Samantha Crew and Tiffany Christian are drawing a dragon, Emory Maughan is doing a ceramics time-lapse and Audri Morgan is drawing a picture of people dancing for the Fine Arts Assembly. Crew is in 9th grade. Christian, Maughan, and Morgan are in 8th grade. Dunn has no process for picking these students, Dunn says that if the artwork is good he takes a picture of it, he normally has a range of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders work but this year he only had one seventh grade art piece, and many eighth graders and ninth graders works.


Author: jpjjournal

The JPJ Journal is a Middle School newspaper run by the students and advisor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.