Final Nights | Game Review

By Josh Hacking

Although game 1 may have been really plain and boring, game 2 is difficult and terrifying. And by the looks of game 3, it’s most likely going to be nightmare fuel.


The first game of Final Nights was removed from Gamejolt last week, although, the creator said he may be adding it back, but better designed then it was before. In game 1, all the player had to do was shut the doors and the cabinets, and shut off the TV to make sure a character who highly resembles The Puppet from FNaF, called The Brother, doesn’t get in and kill the player. That’s basically how it is for the entire game.

Final Nights 2 was a big upgrade. And the game gets really difficult starting on night 1. Basically, there are two vents, a cabinet, and a hallway where animatronics will begin coming from. Burnt Freddy (a demolished version of Freddy Fazbear) will try to get in the office through the vents, and when the player sees him in the vent cameras, they will have to shut the vent.

Burnt Foxy will appear in the hallway, and the player must shine the light at him to see where he is in the hall. If he gets really close, then the player must run up to the door and shut it. Once the player hears walking, they may run back to the desk.

The Brother reappears in this game, he is always hiding in the cabinet, but the player must be constantly looking in the cabinet and flashing the light so that he stays at bay.

Burnt Chica will appear in the hallway, and the player can’t shut the door on her, instead, they must shine the light until she leaves.

Burnt Bonnie acts almost exactly like Burnt Freddy. He will appear in the vents and the player must shut the vent before he (yes, Bonnie’s a dude) gets in.

G_BB (an extremely glitchy version of Balloon Boy), starting at night 5, will attempt climbing into the office through the vent. If he gets in, he will stay there for the entirety of the night, and every camera will be disabled.

Shadow Fredbear, also starting on night five (as well as the next animatronic), will literally run through the building to get to the office, and will appear in the hallway. He will appear at the far end of the hall. If the player flashes the light or shuts the door at that point, then he will rush in and kill the player. The player must wait for him to get to the close end of the hallway and then flash the light at him. Afterwords, he will leave.

And last but not least, Shadow Spring-Bonnie. He will rush through the building just like Fredbear, and he will appear at the far end of the hall, just like Fredbear. If the player does anything at that point, he will run in and kill the player, just like Fredbear. However, when he appears at the close end of the hall the player can’t shine the light, or they’ll die. Instead, the player must shut the door, and then Spring-Bonnie will leave.

Final Nights 3 | Preview

The page was already put up on Gamejolt, and it was teased at the end of game 2, that Final Nights 3 was being made.

There isn’t much on the page, and the only characters who are confirmed are Nightmare Springtrap and a Nightmare Puppet. It is also confirmed that game 3 takes place in a hospital, and you are playing as the child in FNaF who got bitten by Fredbear. The game will be partially free-roam, too.

The teaser with The Puppet shows him behind a sliding door, and the description says “Knock Knock”.

The only two teasers with Springtrap show him getting close to the child in the Intensive Care section of the hospital.

A teaser trailer was added recently. Spring-Bonnie will slowly get closer and closer to the entrance of the room. It is unknown at the moment how to stop him. The Puppet will appear out of the sliding door at slowly progress closer and closer to the doorway. If the player looks away from him for too long, then he will open the door and come in. Then he will kill the player.


The models are designed well, the lighting is well, and there aren’t buttons, instead, the player just needs to click on the doorway or press a key (8).


The game is pretty scary, and at the end, there’s an endless mode unlocked (8).


The endless mode has no end, so you can play it as much as you want, and the game more-or-less goes through a unique 3D version of the FNaF 3 story (9).


The game has no glitches and every mechanic works well (10).


Some of the sounds are taken from the original FNaF games, but then the rest are originally designed (8).


8.6/10 panther paws.


The original game may have been kind of bad, but then it got much better with the sequels!


Author: jpjjournal

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