Panther Of The Quarter/ Quarter 3

By Chris Moore, Print Editor

On April 14th Joel P Jensen Middle school hosted the Panther of the Quarter assembly. Bryan Leggat the Principal of Joel P. Jensen Middle school had said that 8 students in each grade participate in Panther of the Quarter. In total 24 students are chosen to be Panther of the Quarter.

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Teachers Showing Disrespect

IMG_0478 (1)
Teachers send students to Responsible Think Time for many different reasons. Photo Credit: Bryce Hackworth

By Issac McDougal, Sports Editor and Bryce Hackworth

Some students at Joel P. Jensen Middle school say that teachers are being disrespectful by swearing and picking on students.

An anonymous student says that over the year he has seen multiple teachers such as Anna McNamer and Mark Sidesinger showing disrespect to students such as swearing and verbal abuse and down grading insults.

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Students take test to get into honors classes

By Ataiya Reives, Op-Ed Editor

On April 15th the 7th and 8th grade students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School took the test for Honors English. Those who wanted to take the test were asked to take their backpacks off and put them against the wall.The students were told to choose a topic from the two given and write a whole essay.

The test was held in the cafeteria.  The Honors English test was lead by Language Arts teachers here at JPJMS, Ellery Jones, and Malori Crossley.  Kids could not talk, could not get up during the test, could not talk or get up even if they  were done. If you had to sharpen your pencil or get another one Jones or Crossley had to bring you one so you didn’t stand up.

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The Lockdown Drill

By Ashlynn Cooper

The Lockdown Drill is a drill that the Jordan School District has in case someone suspicious is in or around the building. Joel P. Jensen practices so Joel P. Jensen can protect as many people as possible if a suspicious character comes to the school. Joel P. Jensen has this drill at least once a year.

Officer Leary and Principal Bryan Leggat knocking on doors for re- enactment  of lockdown drill. Photo By Courtney Withers

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Students bring Prescription Drugs to School

By Isaac McDougal, Sports Editor and Bryce Hackworth

After lunch on April 19th students took prescription drugs that they had taken from their houses. 5 students took the drugs but an unknown number brought the drugs and all five could face a trial in court. If they are convicted then they could receive community service or even jail time for a couple years.

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Fear The Walking Dead Review

By Isabelle Barlow, Entertainment Editor

Season 2 episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, “We All Fall Down” aired Sunday April, 17 and plays every Sunday night on AMC.  Those who are struggling to survive the apocalypse have just began to realize what is happening and what they must do to stay alive.  The idea of fleeing to the ocean may not be as safe as some thought.

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