Students Interested in Shorter Lunch Lines

By Ataiya Reeves

Students wait in line during lunch. Photo by Ataiya Reeves
Students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School think that lines at lunch are too long.

¨I think the lines at Joel P. are way too long. I stand in line for 10 minutes and only have 20 minutes to eat,¨ Connor Mace, a seventh grade student at JPJMS said.

Mace has a solution to make  lunch lines shorter and take less time to get their lunch.

¨ There needs to be more lines. If there are more lines then there will be less people in line so people can get their food faster,¨ Mace  said.

Ashlynn Cooper, another seventh grade student, has a solution too.

¨I think that if we add another lunch then the lines would be shorter. There is only a A and B lunch there should be a C lunch to,¨ she said

Cooper also says that the time it takes for students to wait in line doesn’t interfere with eating.

¨The lunch lines don’t hold me back. I have time to eat and do stuff with friends,¨ Cooper said.

Some kids don’t complain about waiting in line for lunch.

¨I don’t see the point of complaining about lunch lines. It’s a line where you get a break from learning. I like the lunch lines because it gives you time to talk without food in there mouth,¨ seventh grader Kyla Bell said.

¨Really the point of lunch lines is that we get lunch. at least we get lunch,¨ Bell finished.

Overall, students have different opinions about lunch lines, but for now, there won’t be any changes to lunch lines.


Author: jpjjournal

The JPJ Journal is a Middle School newspaper run by the students and advisor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.