Teachers Raise Awareness During CTE Month

By Rick Lewis and Jordan Pett

CTE month happened during February and the CTE teachers are excited about the classes they teach. CTE means “Career Technology Education.”

Keyboarding and CTE teacher, Patrice Shaffer said, “They’re my favorite classes.” Shaffer also teaches college and career awareness and computer programming.

CTE classes are meant for showing different types of jobs and education fields and students can go into.

“And they are valuable and fun lessons,” Shaffer said. CTE classes give students different perspectives at how to use those certain skills in the future.

CTE teacher, Stacey Nelson, teaches FACS which means “Family And Consumer Sciences, Foods, and Teen Living.” Heather Woffinden is another CTE teacher. She teaches Computer Technology and College and Career Awareness. Melvin Nomiyama teaches College and Career Awareness, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Manufacturing, and Exploring Technology. Shaffer teaches Keyboarding, College and Career Awareness, Exploring Computer Science, and Computer Technology.

Recently, CTE changed it’s name to College and Career Awareness. The new abbreviation was CACA, but most students still refer their classes to CTE.

There is also a different CTE that some football players learn about in science. There is also the science CTE, which is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

That means when people are playing football and they get really hard in the head or back. It is a degenerative disease found in people who suffered a severe hit to the head. The disease used to be called dementia pugilistica.


Author: jpjjournal

The JPJ Journal is a Middle School newspaper run by the students and advisor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.