And the winner is…

Congratulations to all students, teachers, staff, and administrators who participated in our 2016 Spring Break Photo Contest! The staff received some absolutely superb photographs and had to make many difficult decisions in nominating our top 3 participants. The winners of our contest include… Continue reading “And the winner is…”


Five Nights at Candy’s | Game Review

By Josh Hacking

Five Nights at Candy’s is the best FNaF fangame out there, according to the FNaF community. Although it may not be as good as Five Nights at Freddy’s itself, this game really stands out in a crowd.


In Five Nights at Candy´s, the player is playing as a minimum wage security guard: Mary Schmidt, in Fazbear Entertainment´s enemy company’s building, “Candy’s Burgers And Fries.” However, Schmidt isn’t alone. She gets ambushed by Candy the Cat and his crew: Cindy the Cat, The Penguin, Chester the Chimpanzee, Blank the Animatronic, and a group of unused animatronics: Old Candy and RAT. Continue reading “Five Nights at Candy’s | Game Review”

New Admin at JPJ

By Sipola Tu’akoi

Joel P. Jensen has a new temporary administrator. Some people might suspect that she is replacing one of the Joel P. Jensen administrators, but that is false.

Vice Principal Shauna Worthington is a temporary administrator. She’ll be at Joel P. Jensen for the rest of the 2015-2016 school year. Worthington is a student from Brigham Young University, studying to become a principal.

Vice Principal Worthington By Trista Ishoy

When Worthington was in third grade she was inspired to be a teacher, and that was one of her life goals. Worthington has accomplished that goal, and now wants to be a principal.

One of the students who have had Worthington as a teacher speaks well of her. Josh Wilson, a student who attends JPJMS says, “Ms.Worthington is kind, respectful, and helpful to students.”   Continue reading “New Admin at JPJ”

OSU Satisfies Student Gamers

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By Tayson Jorgensen

Ah, nothing like a good old video game to satisfy people. You know what else satisfies people? Music. You know what osu! is? A rhythm video game. But, it’s not your everyday Dance Dance Revolution either. osu! (pronounced like the aus in Austria), created by Dean “peppy” Herbert, provides the concept of mouse clicking to the beat. It has 4 different modes, but today, JPJ Journal will only be covering the main mode, osu! Mode. Continue reading “OSU Satisfies Student Gamers”

Speaker Motivates JPJ Students

By Trista Ishoy

On Monday March 20, 2016 Joel P. Jensen Middle School held an assembly for Dennard Mitchell, motivational speaker. Mitchell came from his home in Florida to give advice to Joel P. Jensen Middle School students about SAGE testing and life in general.

Some students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School are extremely grateful Mitchell came. One of those students was Hailey Moser, a 9th grade student at Joel P. Jensen Middle School. Because of what Mitchell said Moser feels more motivated.

“I’m going to give myself control, I’m going to get my grades up, and start telling myself positive things,” says Moser. Continue reading “Speaker Motivates JPJ Students”

Students Disrespecting Subs

Students at Joel P. Jensen Middle School are disrespecting substitute teachers by not following the rules or doing what they are told.

Jesus Ribeiro is a substitute for Barry Bolduc’s science class at Joel P. Jensen Middle School. Ribeiro teaches any subject, but favors math, science, and will teach any other subject. Ribeiro subs for a hobby when he is bored or has nothing to do during the day. He is willing to go wherever there is a need and help out. Continue reading “Students Disrespecting Subs”

COD Popular Among JPJ Students

By Angelo Lucero and Joshua Spangenberger

maxresdefault (1) (1)

An SOE character fights the Shadowman in an Easter Egg. Image Credit: MrDalekJD

Treyarch’s Call of duty Black ops 3 was by-far the best zombie map. Treyarch has been out since call of the dead. The shadows of evil map delivered intense zombie performance and high resolution for such a last gen console such as the XBOX 360, and a certain level of focus required to play this map. Shadows of evil is rated 5 stars overall by fans and critics.

One of the gamers of the game, COD BO3 (Black Ops 3) SOE, 7th grader Jonathan Sanchez says he likes the game. Continue reading “COD Popular Among JPJ Students”