Disney Detective Looks for Positives with Students

By Ky Bell

Detective Troy Leary, has worked as a school officer at Joel P. Jensen Middle School, for two years. He also worked at the middle school twelve years ago for two years.

Over the years he says, “The best memories I have with students aren’t in the building, but seeing them after they are no longer students, and some of them married with their own families and, it’s great knowing that I got to watch them change, and evolve into someone else.”

Along with changing and evolving into different people, Leary says that if he could be any Disney Princess, he would be Tiana, from “Princess and the Frog.”

His reasoning for why, “I just adore her care free, humble, down to earth personality.”

If he could be any fictional character, he would be Wolverine, for his healing abilities.

Detective Leary doesn’t think changes are a bad thing, he would just prefer to keep things as they are. If Detective Leary could change one thing about his working environment, within JPJMS, it would be nothing. He likes the way things run at the school and thinks that things shouldn’t be different.


Author: jpjjournal

The JPJ Journal is a Middle School newspaper run by the students and advisor at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, Utah.