Panther of the Week

By Damion Knox and Connor Mace

Drake Hughes is a 8th grader that was born on November 16, 2001. When Hughes became Panther of the Week, he was so happy and excited. Hughes was nominated by history teacher Brent Forester because he loves history and is kind and well behaved. He also lives in Salt Lake City.

Clinton Westerman was born in 2003 and has 2 siblings. Westerman was nominated by CTE teacher, Patrice Shaffer, and was very happy to be nominated to be Panther of the Week. He was also nominated because he obeyed the rules and was respectful in class.


6th Graders Excited to Start Middle School

image (1)
Principal Leggat introduces the concert choir at the beginning of the Ra Ra Assembly.      Photo by: Chris Moore

By Ashlynn Cooper and Isabelle Barlow

After the Ra Ra Assembly on February 18, 6th graders from several elementary schools  were feeling excited to come to Joel P. Jensen next year. The Ra Ra Assembly is an assembly for 6th graders to get information and to get excited to come to middle school by seeing different  classes. It also has dances, choir performances and band and orchestra performances.

Joel P. Jensen Middle School has had this assembly for quite a few years. The elementary schools who go to this assembly are Westland, Oaker, Terra Linda, Columbia and Westvale Elementary Schools. There were a little over 300 students at the Ra Ra Assembly.

6th grader Madisyn Black from Westland who went to the Ra Ra Assembly said, “I am planning on coming to Joel P. Jensen.” The Ra Ra assembly changed her decision to come here. Her favorite thing about the assembly was the dance performance and the candy that the dancers threw to the crowd. Continue reading “6th Graders Excited to Start Middle School”

Disney Detective Looks for Positives with Students

By Ky Bell

Detective Troy Leary, has worked as a school officer at Joel P. Jensen Middle School, for two years. He also worked at the middle school twelve years ago for two years.

Over the years he says, “The best memories I have with students aren’t in the building, but seeing them after they are no longer students, and some of them married with their own families and, it’s great knowing that I got to watch them change, and evolve into someone else.” Continue reading “Disney Detective Looks for Positives with Students”

Spelling Bee to take place next week

By Jordan Pett and Rick Lewis

The school Spelling Bee is February 25 during 6th and 7th period. Each class has a class spelling bee. The competition is an elimination Spelling Bee. Winners of class competitions move on to the school competition. 

Vice Principal Cynthia VanderMeiden said, ”If you spell a word wrong, you’re out. The winners of each class will go on to the school spelling and compete.” Continue reading “Spelling Bee to take place next week”

Olympic Preparations Slowed Due to New Trouble

By Tayson Jorgensen

August 5-21, in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, will be when and where the 2016 Olympics will be held. It will be the first Olympic Games held in the continent of South America. But, preparations could be put to a halt because of one thing.

Throughout Brazil, the Zika virus has spread through the bites of mosquitoes. This virus affects the children of those affected, mostly giving effects of premature birth. This worries athletes and spectators. What could happen during the games?

According to, “The United States Olympic Committee told sports federations that athletes and staff concerned for their health should consider not going to the Games.” Continue reading “Olympic Preparations Slowed Due to New Trouble”

Staying Indoors for lunch, is it good or bad

By Isaac McDougal and Josh Spangenberger

All around the school students want to go outside.

Seventh grader Loc Nguyen said, “It sucks” that the administration does not allow students outside. He believes that the administration should let students out so they can get some fresh air and so they have more space and more room to be active.

Although some students would much rather go outside seventh grader, Rick Lewis would rather stay inside. Lewis likes playing basketball with his friends but when they are not able to go into the gym they can not play basketball.

“I would rather play basketball with all my friends, then go outside and play football,” he said.

School officials say that they are trying to keep students healthy and keep them active, but they will not let junior high students out so they can be active. Continue reading “Staying Indoors for lunch, is it good or bad”

Students think the tardy policy is too “harsh”

By Alejandra Alvarez      

Students think that Joel P. Jensen’s tardy policy might be too strict and harsh. Three out of five students who were interviewed and they think the consequences escalate too quickly and that they should not be punished for being tardy just for the second time.

The other two students said that “the consequences are reasonable” and that “there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you walk directly from class to class.”

Aaron Hunter, a vice principal, says it’s very strict “so kids get to class on time and prepared because there is no reason to be late.” Continue reading “Students think the tardy policy is too “harsh””